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Paul Chan is an artist and director of National Philistine, an online political/aesthetic think tank. Chan is a 2003 Rockefeller Foundation new media arts fellow. His work has exhibited and screened at the Musuem of Modern Art, New York Video Festival, Rotterdam international film festival, among others. Chan will be included in the upcoming 2004 Carnegie international exhibition.

Paul Chan 是2003年美国洛克菲勒新媒体艺术奖金获得者。他的作品展览于纽约现代美术 馆 ,纽约录象节,鹿特丹国际电影节,他的作品也同时入选了2004年的卡奈基国际展。

Project: My birds...trash...the future--scene 1 and 2 (digital animation installation, 2004)
“My birds...” conflates and confuses two stories into one visual scene (the Chapter of Revelations from the King James bible and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,”) from the perspective of the 21 birds the bible dismisses as unclean and unworthy of praise as living beings. Using a unique digital image-making technique that combines sources from the internet, illegal DVDs, and books, “My birds...” functions like a fever-dream that collapses the ultimate story of the end (which is also a beginning) and the ultimate story of waiting (for the end, or the beginning).


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Paul Chan