June 19-July 4, 2004 25000 Cultural Transmission Center, Beijing
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July 10-18, 2004 Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
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Artist Talks:
Beijing: Monday June 21, 2004 7pm, 25000 Cultural Transmission Center 艺术家讲座:2004621日晚7
Shanghai: Sunday July 11, 2004 2.30pm Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art 艺术家讲座:2004711日晚2.30

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printable press release for Shanghai in English or Chinese


"The Location You @ Now" will present a group of new media artworks from China and the US based around a theme of physical and displaced presence through scavenged, recovered and reclaimed media. The works of these emerging artists incorporate easily acquired consumer grade technology and embrace a Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) aesthetic. Found amidst the wave of celebration for high technology and the increasingly global mediascape, these works represent an alternative stream of innovation in the gray area where art and science intersect. The artwork in "The Location You @ Now" reflects conceptually, metaphorically and fantastically on our collective landscape of inherited technology and its effect on the individual. Works slated for exhibition include sound samplers, radio-controlled fur balls, interactive sculpture made from mass produced toys and work that data mines the Internet for content.



Electronic art is in its infancy here in China. This is the first time for these works to be exhibited in Asia and this is a rare chance for local audiences to experience these exciting new forms first hand. As a hybrids of art and industry the works are resourceful, boundary blurring and innovative. Technology drives a huge part of China’s rapid development and with this modernization also comes new expressions of culture which are fresh, dynamic and a reflection of the contemporary mindset. This exhibition endeavours to represent that spirit while inspiring the future inventor-artists here in China.

电子艺术在中国的发展可以称为是刚刚起步。此次展览中大部分的作品均为首次来到亚洲,对于本地艺术观众来讲是一次现场亲身体验电子艺术作品的好机会。作为科学与艺术的混合体这些富于智慧及充满创造性的作品模糊了艺术与科技之间的界限。科学技术作为经济高速发展的推动力使中国社会迅速的走向现代化 ,而文化艺术的发展亦同样是社会进步的有力证明。此次展览即致力于以一种开放的精神去推动本地文化艺术事业的发展。


This is an exciting opportunity for China's highest-profile cities, Beijing and Shanghai, to experience current new media artwork first hand. Many of these American artists have shown in the most prestigious art institutions in the US: the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Armory Show, New York; the Walker Art Center and the Carnegie International Exhibition.



Sharing information and demystifying technology is a vital component to this exhibition. A series of educational workshops are planned where artists will lead seminars on topics from hands-on technical instruction workshops to talks on their own conceptual process. This is a unique opportunity for a cultural and educational exchange that will extend beyond the small circle of traditional art patrons and attract a large multi-disciplinary audience. Transcripts of the workshops and talks will be included as part of the exhibition catalog.




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